Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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00:00 NTD News Today—10/27/2021 01:59 Dems Unveil New Corporate Minimum Tax Rate 02:32 Dems Insist They’ll Get a Budget Deal 04:38 No White House Halloween Party This Year 05:09 Sen. Joe Manchin Encouraged to Switch Parties 06:53 NIH Wipes Detailed G.O.F. Research Page 08:53 Vax Mandate Sparks Lawsuit at Nuke Facility 09:53 Defense Contractor Loses Workers: Vax Mandate 10:22 Accidental Covid Shots at Wash. Military Base 10:42 County Shuts Burger Shop Over Vaccine Mandate 11:54 DOD: ISIS-K May Soon Be Able to Attack U.S. 13:06 Tiktok Exec. Testifies on China Espionage 15:09 150 Arrested for Darknet Drug Trafficking 16:29 Mt Derailment Cause Still Under Investigation 17:24 Canada’s Trudeau Shuffles Cabinet Members 19:31 Astronauts Prepare for Launch at Space Center 20:35 Broadway’s ‘Phantom’ Returns to the Stage 23:03 Visitors Climb 1200-foot Skyscraper in NYC 26:06 $10K Worth Of Lego Sets Recovered 26:43 Pollution Causes Manatee Starvation 29:09 Wild Horses Still Roaming the Western U.S. 31:09 Traces of Ancient Life In 2.5B Year-Old Ruby 31:49 Kobe Bryant Crash—Judge Orders Depositions 32:34 NBA’s Enes Kanter Fires Shots at Nike, CCP 33:56 Explosion Strikes North China Chemical Plant 35:28 Bird Flu Variant Sparks Alarm in China 39:04 Haiti Gangs Block Ports, Crippling Country 40:44 French Law to Shield Bookstores From Amazon 43:14 London Winery Engages Volunteers 44:59 Italians Warm to the Idea of ‘Walking Steak’ 48:22 Peru Seeking to Repopulate Vicuna Population ———————
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#ISIS-K #Pentagon #JoeManchin Pentagon Says ISIS-K May Soon Be Able to Attack US; 150 Arrested for Darknet Drug Trafficking | NTD


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