Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

⭕ Watch the Full Episode 👉 ⭕ EpochTV EXCLUSIVES. Only $1 (Limited Time Offer) 👉 Pierre Kory says the “entire practice of medicine has been co-opted” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with top officials deciding what is the best treatment for millions of people, instead of the doctor and patient making those decisions. He said federal agencies have a “fearsome power” to control the practice of medicine, using the CDC’s campaign against the use of ivermectine as an example, which he says was “propaganda,” and “debunked.” Kory says COVID-19 is “a highly treatable disease,” and that use of these cheaper treatments could have saved thousands of lives. #PierreKory #Omicron #PublicHealth 🔵 Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and stay in touch 👉 💛 Support us to fight for the truth👉 🔵SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL TODAY: 🔔 – – – Find out where you can watch us on cable TV: Follow Jan on Twitter: – – – [EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY] DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns – – – LATEST EXCLUSIVE EPISODES: The Vaccine-Injured and Their Fight for Treatment, Transparency—Trial Participants Brianne Dressen and Maddie and Stephanie de Garay ‘Live Not By Lies’—Rod Dreher: How Much Are We Willing to Sacrifice for the Truth? Walter Kirn: The Emerging Dystopia, a Combination of Orwellian Tyranny and Huxleian Self-Indulgence Thomas Harrington: How Did Our Society Become So Fearful? Sharyl Attkisson: How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape Bethany Mandel Talks ‘Subtle Indoctrination’ in Kids’ Books and K-12 Education; New Heroes of Liberty Series ‘Take Race Off the Table’—Bob Woodson on the Power of Grassroots Leaders to Rescue America from Moral and Spiritual Freefall How Communist China Manipulates the Narrative About China in the West—Leon Lee Talks New Film, “Unsilenced” How the Left Became Illiberal—Liel Leibovitz on a New Coalition of the Politically Homeless Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Dogma, Media Fearmongering, and ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis of Society | PART 1 – – –
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