Sun. May 9th, 2021

As TGP reported over the weekend, the Biden administration is now flying the thousands of migrants out of McAllen, Texas.

According to Jenn Pellegrino from OAN — 40% of the traffic is illegal aliens, paid for by your tax dollars.

A reader in Dallas told TGP that he flew from DFW and witnessed migrants with no IDs to bypass TSA and fly.

We have no idea who these migrants are and many are infected with Covid-19.

According to new reports, the manila envelopes are also full of cash.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer spoke to illegal aliens at McAllen Miller International Airport in Hidalgo County, Texas, who were holding manila envelopes full of cash with with travel information marked on the outside.


Newsmax contributor James Klüg posted a picture of a Mexican woman and her baby with a manila envelope with the same message.

“Please Help Me. I Do Not Speak English.”

“Flight out of McAllen, TX – 80%+ filled with illegal immigrants: This woman told my Spanish speaking source she was not given a court date. She was given a folder that states ‘Please help me. Do not speak English’ and $2,500,” Klüg wrote.

The Mexican woman was given strict instruction to say a friend paid for their tickets.

Where is the cash coming from?

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Author: Cristina Laila

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