Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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00:00 NTD News Today—5/21/2021
01:10 Blinken to Meet Israeli, Palestinian Leaders
01:44 Biden Offers Support for Israel, Palestinians
02:33 Israelis, Palestinians React to Ceasefire
03:29 Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash in NYC; 1 Burned by Fireworks Thrown From Car
05:23 Illegal Immigrants Risk Death in Desert
07:00 Seattle Police Leaving City After New Laws
09:31 Pelosi May Ban Maskless Members From Floor
11:04 House Barely Passes Capitol Security Bill
13:48 NASA Nominee Shares China Space Concerns
14:52 NOAA Predicts A Busy Hurricane Season
15:45 CDC Investigating Pouy Salmonella Outbreak
16:39 Desantis Hints at Future Presidential Bid
17:19 Murder Suspect Says He Can’t Remember
19:46 Pennsylvania Votes to Limit Governor’s Powers
21:27 Marco Polo Cargo Ship Arrives in NY Harbor
22:00 Sculptor: Art Depicting Unity Is ‘Sacred’
25:10 NYC to Get Huge Floating Pool in East River
28:19 Calif. Radio Produces CCP-critical Program
31:46 Calif. Cherry Season Starts
33:35 New Discovery Show to Send Winner to Space
34:40 EU Freezes China Deal After Chinese Sanctions
35:30 China’s Vaccine Influence on Latin America
37:42 China-made Subway Cars Malfunction in Mass.
39:48 Samoa to Scrap Beijing-Backed $100m Project
40:54 U.S. Blocks Uniqlo Shirts Over Labor Concerns
44:09 Spain Accuses Morocco of ‘Blackmail’
47:02 Matejko’s Copernicus on Exhibition in London
49:18 Street Artist Paints an Eiffel Tower Illusion
50:13 Animals Help UK Students Boost Mental Health
51:51 Children’s Vision Is Worse Since the Pandemic Peace in the Middle East for now. The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas now in effect. What does President Biden have to say? A brawl in New York City between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters. Jewish residents in the city speak out after being attacked. What do they have to say? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says she has ideas about how to put down a mask rebellion by some Republican lawmakers. We’ll tell you what she’s considering. ———————
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#Police #Israel #Palestine Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash in NYC; Seattle Police Leaving City After New Laws


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