Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Strategic planning sessions. Company retreats. Visions and goal setting. Most of us who have worked in any kind of administrative environment have sat in brainstorming meetings with someone facilitating the event probably with a flip chart or computer screen. We know the drill. You have a vision, a mission statement, you arrive at “the why” and then start listing “the how’s.” But what about your family unit and how it runs? Is there a plan or just day-to-day survival? Most of us, especially spouses and parents, have expectations about how we would like things to be within our households. Perhaps without putting it into words we want our relationships to grow and be nurtured. But, like company mission statements, plans of action and successful solutions don’t happen without effort and dedicated work. Parenting is a privilege and a blessing. It’s also a huge challenge, and parents learn quickly that there …

Author: Anita L. Sherman

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