Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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00:00 NTD News Today—5/17/2021
01:32 Biden Supports Ceasefire Amid Dem. Pressure
02:44 Questions Raised Over Bombed Gaza Building
03:57 Pres. Biden and VP Harris Release Tax Returns
04:48 Maricopa County Calls to End Election Audit
06:41 SCOTUS Takes Abortion Challenge Case
08:32 SCOTUS: No Warrantless Home Searches for Guns
09:27 Confusion Surrounds New CDC Mask Guidance
10:58 Texas Gov.: Fentanyl at Border Increased 800%
12:28 CBP Officer Helped Illegal Migrant Enter U.S.
13:02 Mechanic Offers Migrants Refuge in Mexico
16:00 Senate to Debate Bill Promoting Advanced Tech
16:42 Bill Gates Left Microsoft Board Before Conclusion of Probe Into Affair With Employee
18:00 Former Facebook Employee Blows Whistle
19:31 Expert: Drug Overdose Surge a ‘Perfect Storm’
24:35 NY Gov. Cuomo Gets $5m for Book Deal 25:26 Medina Spirit Suspended From Belmont Stakes
26:55 Penn. Senator Opposes Climate Change Program
29:06 Judge Says ’No’ to Durst Trial Postponement
29:53 California Private Firefighting in Dispute
32:55 U.S. Action Restricts Visas for CCP Officials
35:34 Philippine Pres. to China: Will Not Back Down
36:53 Beijing Could Access NZ Police Drone Data
40:36 Self-driving Taxi Confused by Traffic Cones
41:26 Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘A Devil of a Problem’
42:51 Gas Prices Climb Even After Pipeline Reopens
44:23 Unlimited Google Photos Storage to End June 1
45:26 Cyclone Leaves Trail of Destruction in India
46:47 Company in Wales Recycles Masks, PPE
48:07 UK Restaurants Welcome Diners Indoors
50:26 Italian Island Wins This Year’s Culture Title ———————
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#Gaza #Border #TaxReturns Questions Raised Over Bombed Gaza Building; SCOTUS: No Warrantless Home Searches for Guns | NTD


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