Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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00:00 NTD Evening News—7/5/2021
01:28 Ransomware Attack Hits Almost 200 Firms
03:53 3 More Bodies Recovered From Collapsed Condo
06:36 Tropical Storm Elsa Hits Cuba
08:04 22 States Ask SCOTUS to Protect 2nd Amendment
09:27 Servicemen: We’ll ‘Quit’ if Shot Is Mandated
10:42 Walmart Shoppers Sing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’
12:04 Philadelphians Hold ‘Celebration of Freedom’
14:24 July 4th Parade in Il Celebrates Freedom
16:32 July 4th Tradition Ring in Californians
19:29 Does NYC Know About the Meaning of July 4th?
21:07 4th of July Fireworks Light Up NYC Skyline
22:25 DC Metro Ridership Breaks Pandemic Record
24:11 Calif. City Official Removed After Calling Out CCP
26:18 Largest U.S. Teachers’ Union to Advance Crt
30:38 Tech Giants Warn Hong Kong Over Privacy Laws
32:04 Aerospace Company Chairman Attacks Scientists
34:57 Deadly Landslide in Japan Leaves 80 Missing
36:27 Mass Evacuation After Thailand Factory Blast
39:02 U.S., Ukraine Hold Joint Navy Drills
40:30 PM Sets Out Plans for End to Restrictions
43:41 Wimbledon Full Capacity Crowds From Quarters
44:46 Museums Scour Bat Collection for Covid Clues
47:03 French Senate Blocks Vote on Climate Change
47:45 Cyprus Wildfires Leave Swathe of Destruction ———————
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#Ransomware #CollapsedCondo #Vaccine Ransomware Attack Hits Almost 200 Firms; Servicemen: We’ll ‘quit’ if Shot Is Mandated | NTD


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