Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Complaining about the 2020 Elections doesn’t fix anything. Real election integrity must be focused at the state house level and must occur in two ways. First, states should nullify and federal act of congress or federal court decision that infringes on the state legislators exclusive right to make rules regarding presidential elections. Second, states need real election reform that must include: 1. Elimination of early voting & Same day voter registration
2. Voter ID requirements
3. Absentee ballots can only be requested for limited, specific and documented reasons
4. Absentee ballots must be notarized
5. Election rolls must be updated to ensure accuracy and validity 6. Paper ballots and easy auditing processes are a must
7. Election observers must be allowed with no pre-registration requirements
8. Ballot access must be reasonable to persons not in the government class
9. Only the legislature may change standards of what votes are valid
10. All votes are counted and reported at the precinct level
11. All vote tallies are released in a small time window so urban areas can’t wait to see vote totals of rural areas in advance
12. State nullification of all federally mandated election laws Action Items: 1) Contact your Senators and tell them to stop H.R.1:…​
2) Help Restore Election Integrity:​
3) Rein in big government with Article VI:​
4) Sign up for Legislative Action Alerts or text JBS to 88588: ▶️ More Related Videos
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