Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

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1. Russians Collect Dead Bodies in Mariupol
2. Zelenskyy Says More Financial Support Needed
3. Ethiopian Men Hope to Fight for Russia
4. Slovenian Prime Minister Faces Close Race
5. Ukraine War Causes Price Increase for Wheat, Lumber, Metal, and Oil: CEO
6. Less Factory Shifts Due to Ukraine War: CEO
7. Global Trade Growth May Drop 30% Due to War in Ukraine, Leading to Higher Retail Prices: CEO
8. Ukrainians Make Wartime Toys for Children
9. Kyiv Symphony Orchestra Begins European Tour
10. Kids Infected With Hepatitis and Adenovirus
11. Rpt: CDC, FDA Feared Reporting Political Interference
12. More Dems Split With Biden on Ending Title 42
13. Florida Approves New Congressional Map
14. Inflation ‘huge’ Issue for Midterms: Prof.
15. Warren: Dems Can Win by Keeping Their Word
16. Supply Chain Crisis Contributed to Rising Inflation More Than Ukraine War: Prof.
17. Trump Says Interview Promo Is Fake News
18. Ex-Honduran President Extradited to the U.S.
19. U.S., Cuba Held High Level Talks on Migration
20. Larry Nassar Victims File Claims Against FBI
21. Singer Tom Grennan Hospitalized After Attack
22. Arrest Made in Murder of NYC Mother
23. Tenn. Drunk Drivers to Pay Child Support
24. Prof: Vehicle Emissions Not the Whole Story
25. Pitcher Tackles Batter During Home Run
26. CNN+ Shut Down Highlights Streaming Woes
27. Amazon to Allow Other Retailers Prime Service
28. Madeleine Mccann Suspect Officially Declared
29. Man Works 84 Years for the Same Company
30. Mars Rover Captures Mars Moon Eclipsing Sun
31. Scientists Prepare to Restart CERN Collider
32. Luxury Classic Car Show in the UK
33. Carlsbad Flower Fields in Peak Bloom
34. Quick Tips to Spring-clean Your Diet ———————
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3Russians #DeadBodies #Mariupol #CDC #NationwideAlert #HepatitisinChildren Russians Collect Dead Bodies in Mariupol; CDC Issues Nationwide Alert Over Hepatitis in Children

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78z3OAaIMJ0

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