Sat. May 8th, 2021

Antifa terrorists threw rocks and paint bombs at cars and trucks driven by ‘Back the Blue’ supporters in Salem, Oregon. The demonstration was reportedly organized by the Proud Boys, though according to reports not many Proud Boys showed up. About one hundred fifty Antifa were there to counter and attack them. One driver was arrested by police when he pulled a gun on Antifa after getting out of his pickup truck when it was attacked. Otherwise it appears police let Antifa attack at will.

Excerpt from Oregon Public Broadcasting reports by Sergio Olmos and then videos.

“A small group of Proud Boys and Trump supporters traveled to Oregon’s Capitol on Sunday, where they clashed with a group of about 150 anti-fascist counterprotesters. The group of far-right supporters published flyers in the days leading up to the rally, saying they were gathering to support “freedom.”

“There are a few dozen proud boys gathered right now on a side street in Sandy (sic), Oregon. They’re planning on driving to the state Capitol for a “freedom” rally Counter protestors are planning to show up to oppose them. Oregon State police say they are aware of both protests…At the Oregon Capitol there are about 150 counter protestors in “black bloc”

“Right now in Salem, Oregon. A truck plows thru a crowd of anti-fascist protesters nearly hitting one. The truck is part of a “pro Trump“ convoy that has travelled to Salem to counter protest the “No Place for Hate Here” rally.”

“A window is broken during a protest at the Oregon State Capitol today”

“A Counter-protester supporting “Back the blue” arrives and is immediately greeted by protesters.”

“Altercation happens between anti-fascist protesters and a “back the blue” counter-protester. A gun is then pulled on protesters before he is arrested.”

Another car attacked by Antifa:

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Author: Kristinn Taylor

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