Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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00:00 NTD News Today—4/30/2021
01:08 Biden Touts Spending Plan in GA on 100th Day
03:21 SCOTUS Sides W/ Man in Deportation Dispute
04:43 DOJ Ends Limits on Grants to Sanctuary Cities
05:18 DOJ Using ‘Dictatorship’ Tactics: Giuliani
08:05 Family Files Lawsuit Over Capitol Shooting
08:42 Funds Are for Lawful Residents: Lawmaker
09:55 Fla. Governor Expected to Sign Elections Bill
10:42 Rioter Fined $12M for Police Building Arson
11:26 Expert: Police Shortage Due to Politics
13:52 Former NYPD Commissioner on Policing
16:03 Sen. Cruz: No More Corporate PAC Money
16:47 Trump Says Trump-Desantis Ticket Possible
18:21 U.S. Troops Begin to Leave Afghanistan
19:18 Gov. Cuomo on Nursing Home Death Toll Delay
21:24 Mayor Announces NYC Reopening Date
23:06 Students Return to School in New Jersey
24:33 U.S. FDA Proposes Ban on Menthol Cigarettes
28:43 Calif. May Remain Tech Capital, Q1 Indicates
30:15 Police: Man Covered Up Murder W/ Massive Fire
30:57 Californians Make Boba Tea Amid Shortage
32:32 World’s Largest Plane Takes Flight in Calif.
33:54 HK Activists Plead Guilty Over ‘Illegal Assembly’
35:05 Powell: Digital Yuan Wouldn’t Work in U.S.
36:14 Canadian Agency Probed, Sent Viruses to Wuhan
37:59 Beijing Reacts to Australian Military Upgrade
39:26 3 U.S. Allies Plan to Boost Supply Chains
43:31 Dozens Killed in Israel Religious Festival Stampede
45:14 Cliffside Office: Ultimate Remote Work Space
47:22 Longest-Ever Walking Suspension Bridge Opens
48:29 Giraffes Rescued From Sinking Island
50:16 No Visitors Again at Dutch Tulip Park
50:58 Napping Your Way to Success ———————
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#Giuliani #SCOTUS #DOJ DOJ’s ‘Dictatorship’ Tactics: Giuliani; SCOTUS Sides w/ Illegal Alien; New Capitol Shooting Lawsuit


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