Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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——————— 00:00 NTD News Today—4/14/2020
01:28 States Sue Biden Admin. Over Border Policy
02:42 Mexico Tackles Migration, Child Smuggling
03:44 Bill Would Make Border Wall A Nat’l Monument
04:21 Biden Meets With Congressional Black Caucus
05:14 Dems, GOP at Odds Over Infrastructure Plan
06:17 President Biden to Address House and Senate
07:04 Report Describes Capitol Police Failures
08:33 Senators Swing Back at Baseball
10:13 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Decries Voting Bill
11:05 CNN Staffer Admits to Spreading ‘Propaganda’
13:47 Former Senior Trump Aides Form Policy Group
15:02 6 Saved, 12 Missing After Vessel Capsizes
15:42 NY Fights Against Different Virus Variants
17:16 Taxi Medallion Class Action
19:40 NYC’s Union SQ. Greenmarket Inspires Hope
25:01 IRS Says $1T in Taxes Goes Uncollected Yearly
25:58 San Fran Announces Lease for Sobering Center
27:03 Suspect in 1996 Disappearance Case Arrested
28:00 2 Calif. Mayors Accused of Sexual Assault
29:44 L.A.’s Famed Cinerama Dome Is Shutting Down
32:14 Epoch Times Conference: Attack on Free Press
34:39 UK and EU Politicians Condemn Attack
36:25 China Sends Largest Air Incursion Into Taiwan
38:00 U.S. Naval Photo Issues Warning to Beijing
41:54 Tokyo Prepares for Olympics in July
44:23 Scrabble Light Show in London
45:53 Record-Breaking Bunny Stolen in England
46:57 Website Lets Users Gamble on Weight Loss
49:00 Sleep Positions Show Personality Type: Study
52:23 Life & Times Two states sue President Joe Biden for suspending a Trump-era border policy. They argue Biden’s move has caused an influx of crime and human trafficking. U.S. lawmakers disagree over Biden’s proposed $2.3 trillion  infrastructure plan. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) calls for a big bold agenda, while Republicans say it’s a massive government expansion that could hurt the economy. But what does Biden say the plan will do for black communities? A group of leading Republican senators pushes back against Major League Baseball’s swing into politics. They introduce a bill in response.
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#BidenAdmin #Infrastructure #Propaganda States Sue Biden Admin. Over Border Policy; New Bill Would Make Border Wall a Nat’l Monument | NTD


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