Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

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1. SVB Financial Group Files for Bankruptcy
2. Cassidy Criticizes Biden on Social Security
3. Yellen: GOP Budget Plan Pays China First
4. Suppressed Report Says Fluoride Reduces IQ
5. Watchdog Group Probes Biden’s ‘Woke Army’
6. SCOTUS Could Hear Trump Hotel Dispute
7. 25 Lbs. Cocaine Found as Migrants Jump Ship
8. Mexican Pres. Downplays Fentanyl from Mexico
9. FBI Offers $20K for Kidnapped U.S. Woman
10. Federal Agency Seeks Info on Gas Stove Danger
11. EPA Updates OH Train Derailment Efforts
12. Rural California Devastated by Floods
13. Los Angeles School Staff to Strike for 3 Days
14. Pfizer Recalls Migraine Drug Due to Packaging
15. FCC Cracks Down on Spammy Text Messages
16. Ohio Man Posed as Ghanaian Prince
17. Fact-Check on the Biden Family’s Money Trail
18. ICC Judges Issue Arrest Warrant for Putin
19. China’s Xi to Visit Moscow Next Week
20. Pentagon Keeping a ‘Close Eye’ on Xi-Putin
21. China, Russia, Iran Conduct Joint Naval Drill
22. Ukrainians Convert Bus into War Ambulance
23. Russians in Georgia Viewed with Suspicion
24. Medvedev Feels Sorry for Ukrainian Players
25. France Pushes Through Pension Change
26. EU Destroying French Food Production: Expert
27. Prepare for More Bad News: UK Market Analyst
28. Argentina’s Inflation Passes 100% in February
29. Jockeys Race Camels for $21M Prize
30. Alpacas Could Help Welsh Farmlands
31. FL Crane Wins Staring Contest with Alligator
32. Man Finds 3.29 Carat Diamond at AR State Park –
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