Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

A republic is different from other forms of government, as it requires an active and informed citizenry to properly function. Grassroots political activism is a civic duty. Many citizens get discouraged by the power and influence of people like George Soros or Bill Gates and eventually give up and do nothing. The state of our nation – currently besieged with leftist assaults from radical environmental policies destroying energy production to teaching our children to despise and revile American history through Critical Race Theory is a result of this defeatist ideology. But we at the John Birch Society say, “not so fast!” You can make a difference! Take for instance, the (then) 19-year-old University of Texas at Austin undergraduate, Gregory Watson. In 1982, he helped lead the grassroots movement to propel the ratification of the 27th Amendment. Learn more about his incredible journey and what we can all gain from his story on this episode of Constitution Corner! Take Action: 1. Understand the Constitution:
2. Understand the Bill of Rights:
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