Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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01:16 Biden Says He'll Visit Border ‘At Some Point’
03:26 Images Leaked From Inside Border Facility
04:09 Complete Election Audit Coming in Maricopa
05:23 Michigan County Chooses to Hand Count Ballots
05:59 Feds Announce Charges in Voting Fraud Case
07:18 Bigger Purpose of Arkansas Abortion Ban
08:09 DC: Some Fencing Taken Down Around Capitol
08:54 Trump to Make His Own Social Media Platform
10:29 Top Biden Officials' Big Tech Ties Revealed
11:26 Congressman Challenges Big Tech W/ New Tactic
12:06 Cuban Americans Urge Biden to Keep Sanctions
15:02 SEC. Austin Visits Afghanistan Unannounced
16:21 Tourists Trickle Back Into Hollywood
18:26 WA State Park Unites Cross-Border Loved Ones
20:02 TSA Screens More Than 1.5M Sunday Travelers
20:54 Foreign Spectators Barred From Tokyo Olympics
22:22 Mountain Goats Infest Town in Northern Wales
23:39 What Chinese Medicine Says About Alcohol President Joe Biden says he plans to visit the border, and that he knows the situation at the facilities. But what's his plan to stop people from coming? The Arizona State Senate announces a hand recount in Maricopa County. The Senate President Says there will be a broad and detailed audit of the controversial 20-20 election. Federal prosecutors in North Carolina announce charges in a voting fraud investigation. The charges involve voter registration by non-US citizens. Prosecutors sought more records but the state’s Democrat Attorney General blocked them. And former President Donald Trump is coming back to social media. But which platform will he be using?
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#Capitol #BorderFacility #BigTech Pics of Border Facility Leaked; Top Biden Officials' Big Tech Ties; Some Capitol Fencing Taken Down


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