Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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1. Trump Defends Election Challenge on 'Meet the Press'
2. Trump Again Argues for Federal Judge Chutkan’s Recusal
3. Former DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark Hearing Today
4. Texas Senate Acquits Paxton
5. Texas House Members Call for Speaker's Resignation
6. Ken Paxton Acquitted on All Impeachment Counts
7. Campaign Analysis: Impact of a Biden Impeachment
8. 6 GOP Members Have Deal to Fund Government
9. Senate Axes Dress Code
10. 5 Americans Should Be Freed Today: Iran
11. National Security Adviser Meets With Chinese Diplomat
12. Kim Jong Un Leaves Russia After Week-Long Visit
13. EU Urges Countries to Be Constructive on Grain
14. GOP Presidential Candidates Talk Faith, Freedom in Iowa
15. SC: Military Searching for Crashed F-35 Jet
16. Deadly Collision Kills 2 Pilots in Reno
17. LA County Sheriff Killed in His Cruiser
18. NYC Day Care Owner and Neighbor Charged
19. Newsom Says He Will Sign Corporate Climate Bill
20. Rural Mothers Face Maternity Unit Closures
21. UAW Strike With Big 3 Carmakers Continues
22. 'Create Confusion': UAW President's Strategy
23. Drew Barrymore Puts Talk Show on Pause
24. FDNY Firefighters Struggling With Mental Health: Org. —
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