Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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Watch NTD on cable: ——————— NTD Evening News—4/1/2021
1. Texas Gov. Explains How Smugglers Use Kids
2. Two Kids Dropped Over Border Fence in New Mexico
3. Biden Not Honoring ICE Detainers: Florida
4. 4 Killed Include 9-Year-Old in Calif. Mass Shooting; Suspect ID’d
5. Excess Exec. Orders Anti-Democratic: Sen. Lee
6. 5 Cabinet Members to Push Infrastructure Bill
7. Biden DoD Changes Trans Policies in Military
8. Arizona to Audit 2.1 Million Votes
9. EPA Chief Ousts 40 Trump Officials
10. Biden Flip Flops on Student Loan Forgiveness
11. Virginia Can Remove 2 Confederate Statues
12. TX Senate Passes Election, Censorship Bills
13. J&J Throws Out ‘Contaminated’ Vaccine Batch
14. Over 10K Fans in the Stands: MLB Opening Day
15. CA Leaders Oppose Bill Redefining Robbery
16. Calif. Expands Vaccine Eligibility
17. Calif. Restaurant Bans Masks Inside
18. D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Doughnuts
19. U.S. and Allies to Discuss North Korea
20. China State-Run Media Comments on April Fool’s Day
21. CCP’s French Reporter Suspected to Be Fake
22. Book Spotlights Forced Labor in China
23. Kimberly-Clark Raising Prices on Toilet Paper
24. Summer Travel Is Selling Out in Some Places
25. 2021 April Fools’ Day Pranks
26. Temporary Hammersmith Ferry Edges Closer
27. New Countryside Code Encourages Smiles
28. Robotic Mayflower Ready to Cross Atlantic
29. Rare Wild Oryx Born at England’s Marwell Zoo ———————
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