Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Chinese-owned social media company TikTok has temporarily blocked Australian human rights activist and Senate candidate Drew Pavlou from posting on the platform after he discussed his anti-Chinese Communist Party activism on a popular podcast. “It’s very peculiar. I haven’t posted [on TikTok] in weeks so I think I’ve been banned because my campaign for Parliament on an anti-CCP platform has begun to get noticed after Sixty Minutes,” Pavlou told The Epoch Times on Nov. 13. “Today I spoke to ADV China on their big podcast which regularly exposes CCP corruption and suddenly the ban was in place.” Pavlou appeared on a live-streamed episode of ADV Podcasts where he described how he “fell into” standing up for human rights in mainland China when he organised a protest on the University of Queensland campus in 2019, where he was a student. “I organised one protest to support Hong Kong and the Uyghurs, and I …

Author: Caden Pearson

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