Thu. May 19th, 2022

Help us avoid Big Tech censorship by subscribing to: The JBS Rumble Channel: The JBS YouMaker Channel: In this episode, investigative journalist and speaker Alex Newman joins Paul to discuss transhumanism, a diabolical plot to merge man and machine, supported and funded by very powerful people and institutions pushing a one-world agenda. Alex discusses transhumanists’ goal of creating superhumans, the malevolent truth about it, the people pushing transhumanism, and why it’s dangerous. Action Items:
1.) Watch Alex Newman’s series on transhumanism: 2.) Read The Great Reset: Deep State Globalists Taking Over the World and You!: 3.) Elect constitutionalists and vote out un-American reps with help from the Congressional Scorecard: 4.) Learn more about Save Our Children from Public Schools: 5.) Join The John Birch Society in the battle to restore America: ▶️ More Related Videos
– Transhumanism: The End of Liberty & Humanity?:
– Hooking Your Brain up to the Borg:

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