Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

It’s never too late to tell the truth.

Tucker Carlson is reporting this week on the January 6 protests in a FOX Nation Special.  Carlson argues that there were ‘agent provocateurs’ embedded with the Trump supporters that day.

The January 6 MAGA riot was was instigated by left-wing ‘agents provocateurs,’ including Insurgence USA founder John Sullivan, who revved up the crowd to storm the Capitol barricades and trample over police officers, experts told Tucker Carlson.

Sullivan, who has pleaded not guilty to eight charges and is scheduled for a court hearing in January, filmed the fatal police shooting of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt as she tried to climb through a broken door leading to the Speaker’s Lobby.

We reported on John Sullivan on January 14th, nearly 10 months ago.

Sullivan bragged about his actions and preplanning on January 6th.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots

Sullivan also was with a photojournalist that day who cheered, “We did it,” during the protests at the US Capitol.

Who is the “we” he was talking about?  Was it the Antifa rioters he is connected to or was it the Feds and intel operatives who were operating that day in the massive Trump crowds

HUGE! CNN-NPR Contract Photo-Journalist Jade Sacker was Embedded with Antifa Leader John Sullivan During Siege of US Capitol – Cheered “We Did It!” After Inciting Riot (VIDEO)

Sullivan was paid for his work by CNN and NBC.

THIS RAISES SERIOUS RED FLAGS: CNN and NBC Each Paid Black Lives Matter Leader John Sullivan $35,000 for His US Capitol Riot Footage

Trump’s team noted that Sullivan was a member of Antifa during the corrupt second impeachment of Trump.

BOOM! Trump Impeachment Attorney Drops a Bomb on Democrats, Reminds Americans – “One of the First People Arrested was a Leader of Antifa” (VIDEO)

And John Sullivan announced an Antifa rally before the siege on the US Capitol. He posted it on his social media accounts. What happened to all of his cohorts?
We reported on this on January 9th.

Far Left Activist John Sullivan from Utah Who Was Arrested for Storming the US Capitol Is Released without Charges — Organized Antifa Event in Area at Same Time as “Stop the Steal” Rally!

As we learn more and more about the protests it is clear that it was all a setup.  We’ve known that for a while.

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Author: Joe Hoft

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