Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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⭕️Watch us on Youmaker 👉 ——— 00:00 NTD News Today—10/20/2022
02:59 UK's Liz Truss Says She Will Resign as PM
04:05 AZ Refuses to Remove Makeshift Border Wall
06:13 WH: ‘No Comment’ on Abrams' Abortion Remark
07:24 Ohio to Decide if Non-US Citizens Can Vote
07:52 Fetterman's Doctor Gives Him the 'All Clear'
08:23 Miami Tests Voting Machines Ahead of Midterms
09:58 Florida Election Official Urges Early Voting
10:29 FL Adopts New School Trans Restroom Policy
11:06 Makeup Giants Criticized for Trans Promotions
13:16 Dr. Peter McCullough on COVID-19 Child Vax
13:53 Child COVID-19 Vax Not Necessary: Doctor
14:19 COVID-19 Vax Not Proven Safe for Kids: Dr.
14:57 New Booster Vax 'never Been Tested on Humans'
15:41 Doctor Breaks Down What's in the Bivalent Vax
16:35 Vax Manufacturers Should Be Accountable: Dr.
17:29 Mysterious GPS Disruptions Spread in Texas
18:18 Road Connecting Florida Island Reopens
19:09 U.S. Awarding $2.8B to Battery Producers
19:43cBMW to Invest in EVs in South Carolina
20:20 Air Force Pilot Ejects and Survives Crash
21:02 NC: Lead Found in Water on UNC Campus
21:54 MO School Shut Over Radioactive Waste Report
22:33 Pasta Brand Barilla Faces Lawsuit Over Slogan
23:17 Historic Shipwreck Revealed by Drought
27:46 U.S. And Taiwan Could Jointly Produce Weapons
29:11 New Report Rates U.S. Military as 'Weak'
31:51 China: Outcry Over a Girl Dying in Quarantine
33:33 Buying Chips for Russia's Military in U.S.
34:16 Israel Could Help Ukraine With Air Raid Alert
35:25 Most Totalenergies Strikes to End in France
36:48 Romania to Replace Coal With Nuclear Power
39:09 Spanish Law Annuls Franco-era Convictions
42:38 British Luxury Store Hit by Climate Activists
43:14 NZ Farmers Protest Proposed Animal 'burp' Tax
44:29 UN Project Cleans Up Wadi Gaza Valley
46:46 Report: Major Drop in Wildlife Over 50 Years
49:28 Entangled Humpback Whale Freed From Ropes
50:06 World's Heaviest Bony Fish Discovered
50:54 Jet Suit Paramedic Battles Wind and Rain
52:59 First 3D Printed Rockets to Be Tested
53:48 The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast
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