Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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——————— 00:00 NTD News Today—04/27/2021
01:08 U.S. to Train Guatemalan Border Task Force 02:20 U.S. to Send $310M in Aid to Central America
02:50 GOP Senators Urge Biden to Address Border 03:29 GOP Strongholds Texas and Florida Gain Seats 05:59 White House Defends Capital Gains Tax Hike
07:47 Biden’s Address to Congress Is Invite-Only 09:09 Democrats to Respond to Biden Speech 09:52 Dakota Now a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State 10:37 New Judge Takes Over Arizona Election Case 11:58 Ashli Babbitt’s Family to Sue Capitol Police
12:55 Doug Collins Staying Out of 2022 Races 13:37 U.S. Sends Aid as CCP Virus Ravages India 16:17 U.S. Sends Protection Troops to Afghanistan 16:47 CDC: Watch for Blood Clots After J&J Shot
18:07 Charlie Kirk Response on Church Cancellation 19:55 FBI Warns Job Seekers about Fake Postings 20:35 Rising Crime in NYC’s Subway System 22:26 10th Anniversary of Deadly Tornado Outbreak 23:17 Travelers Dodge Canada’s Quarantine Rules 27:45 IRS Tax Refunds Delayed by Manual Processing 28:24 U.S. TV Audience for Oscars Hits Record Low 29:48 Youth Commit Repeat Crimes in Oakland California 31:05 Chicago Residents Moving from City to Suburbs 33:25 Recall Election Likely for California’s Governor
34:48 Californians Enjoy Spring Wildflower Bloom 37:11 Chinese Priest Urges Pope Address Crackdown
40:52 An Appeal for Freedom, 22 Years on
46:30 Air Travel May Soon Resume Between UK, U.S.
48:03 How Countries Are Luring Tourists Back
49:59 Yellow Flowers Carpet Umbrian Countryside
51:10 Dutch Hotels offers Luxury Take-Out Burger The 2020 Census data is out. The U.S. population shifted to the South and West. What does this mean for Congress? Vice President Kamala Harris is set to send a task force to Guatemala to help secure the country’s border. That’s while GOP senators urge President Joe Biden to address the situation at the U.S. southern border. India’s virus cases are surging by hundreds of thousands per day. The country’s medical system is in crisis. The U.S. says it’s determined to help.
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#Border #Biden #J&JVaccine Update on Arizona’s 2.1-Million-Count Audit; US to Train Guatemala Border Task Force | NTD


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