Tue. May 17th, 2022

Full report at http://ProjectVeritas.com Undercover Video Reveals Disadvantaged Populations Taking Excessive Vaccines for Tax Funded Gift Card Incentive: ‘You Find People that do it Five, Six Times…for the Incentive.’
• Source recorded video show employees of New York contracted medical provider DocGoAmbulnz discussing how people are often successful overcoming barriers that exist to prevent people from getting excessive COVID-19 vaccinations in exchange for the financial incentive of a $100 gift card: People are “flipping the names and the date-of-birth.”
• Project Veritas investigated the practices of DocGo/Ambulnz screeners in the field and obtained undercover footage of employees appearing to give advice on how to circumvent rules to obtain gift cards in exchange for excessive vaccinations.
• In one instance, a registered nurse for DocGo says “maybe just go and not say that you’ve been there before. Just give them a different name,” apparently informing a potential patient on how they could avoid flagging medical systems when getting excessive vaccinations.
• In another instance an RN for DocGo/Ambulanz advises an undercover journalist for Project Veritas to “try something somewhere else where it’s not the same company.”
• In a shocking twist, DocGO/Ambulanz employees were also captured on undercover recordings giving anecdotal testimony about how gift cards they distribute are sometimes missing money. “It was in the system that the money was already removed. We’re giving out blank cards.” [NEW YORK– Jan 27, 2022] In part one of our series on New York City contracted medical provider DocGo/Ambulanz, Project Veritas published audio and video recordings of employees of a New York state contracted healthcare provider discussing their apparent negligent practices in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to patients including children. Part two of our series features a tip from the same whistleblower about how homeless and lower-income populations are receiving excessive vaccinations for the financial incentive of a $100 gift card. “It’s so negligent,” said Victoria a former registered nurse with DocGo/Ambulanz. In the footage, DocGo/Ambulanz employees, namely registered nurses, appear to have no problem instructing patients on how to sidestep procedures to prevent repeat vaccinations. “Well, maybe just go and not say that you’ve been there before. Just give them a different name. Say you have no ID,” says a registered nurse on a recording. A separate RN named Tina says “go somewhere where it’s, like, extremely busy. I mean, honestly, I wouldn’t keep putting the vaccine in your body, in a separate clip. “It’s all about money at the end of the day. They don’t care what happens,” the whistleblower said in an interview with Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe. “There’s parents that don’t have an income that are using their kids to get that hundred-dollar incentive.”
A spokesperson for DocGo who commented on part one of this story did not immediately return a request for comment. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zkUeEypVxE

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