Sat. May 8th, 2021

Joe Biden’s first move as president was to open the US southern border to migrants and fake refugees.
In February there was an explosion of migrants at the border.

In March the numbers are even higher.

The Biden administration has also promised to keep all children in the US who make it across the US southern border. And they are blaming this on President Trump!

Last week the Biden administration announced that 3,000 male migrant children, mostly teens, would be held at the Dallas Convention Center.

On Sunday a Gateway Pundit reader sent this video of a caravan of buses carrying illegal migrant children to Dallas.

From our reader:


I am in San Marcos Texas for the weekend. Our hotel is right on I-35. There are buses and buses of immigrants that are being transferred to Dallas. I have seen the news story (which says they are teens), but seeing this in person is crazy. There are quiet a few state troopers escorting each caravan and the caravans are coming through so frequently all I had to do was sit on the side of the road to film it.

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Author: Jim Hoft

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