Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

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00:00 NTD Evening News—5/18/2021
01:29 Biden Visits Ford, Pitches $174B Ev Plan
02:57 Calls to Boycott 2022 Beijing Olympic Games
05:48 Violence in Israel Amid Talks of Ceasefire
07:45 Biden Undoes Trump Middle-East Moves: Pompeo
10:11 Judge Dismisses Michigan County Election Case
11:58 Andrew Giuliani Announces Bid for NY Governor
13:25 Fauci: I Wore Mask to Avoid Mixed Messaging
15:58 Texas Bans Gov. Entities From Mandating Masks
16:57 Teen Mental Health an Urgent Issue: Youth Org
19:30 Artist Paints American Flags in All 50 States
23:15 Most Virus Restrictions in NYC Lifted
25:01 NYC Marathon to Return With Fewer Runners
25:45 Leaked Video Appears to Show UFO
27:00 Medina Spirit Suspended From Belmont Stakes
30:20 UC Drops Sat and Act for Admissions
32:29 California Private Firefighting in Dispute
35:16 Mechanic Offers Migrants Refuge in Mexico
37:43 Self-Driving Taxi Confused by Traffic Cones
39:21 Beijing Influencing Public via Social Media
41:09 Chinese Imports Drop Due to Tariffs: Data
44:24 7K Migrants Swim Across Spain-Morocco Border
46:30 Big Screen Movie Entertainment Is Back
49:26 Shoppers Hesitant Despite Relaxation of Rules
50:38 Company in Wales Recycles Masks, PPE
52:00 Fly Anywhere in the World in 4 Hours?
52:54 Italian Island Wins This Year’s Culture Title ———————
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#BoycottOlympic #Israel #Giuliani Violence in Israel Amid Talks Of Ceasefire; Calls to Boycott China’s 2022 Olympic Games | NTD


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