Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Subscribe to: The JBS Rumble Channel: The JBS YouMaker Channel: As Art Thompson puts it, “Those who don’t know their past are condemned to repeat it.” At the John Birch Society, we stress the importance of education. It is crucial to discern whether the history that’s being taught is from credible sources, and that’s the tricky part for the average American. As much as we’d like to trust conservative media, it’s been shown that even they bend the truth. Find out on this week’s Activate about certain Republicans, as well as major Republican organizations, misleading others in the media. Action Items:
1.) Learn more about the Deep State by reading, “In the Shadows of the Deep State”: 2.) To learn more about the first 100 years of this country and how it impacts us today read, “To the Victor Go the Myths and the Monuments”: ▶️ More Related Videos
– MSNBC Makes Up History to Justify CRT:
– Seeking Hidden History:
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