Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Adherents of the “woke” political undercurrents of the progressive left have climbed their way into U.S. military leadership, eroding its combat readiness through a culture of political correctness, according to an active-duty Army officer. Working in various high-profile roles within the organization, the officer has observed over the past decade the increasing politicization of the military. He didn’t blame any individuals or groups, but rather a series of circumstances that have fostered such an environment. The problems he pinpointed aren’t so much in what is being done, but rather how it’s done. Superficially, the military still functions as it should, but looking beneath the surface, one discovers that it has become unfocused in its priorities. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity out of concern of reprisals. Coming from a long tradition of military service in his family, the officer was brought up with traditional religious and patriotic values. His …

Author: Petr Svab

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