Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

What a surprise! The far-left tech giants jumped in to save the Biden regime. YouTube announced on Wednesday that they will make the “dislike count” hidden from the public.

The dislike button will stay but it will hide the dislike counts. This only confirms how the tech giants will do anything they can to assist their ideological allies while they censor and delete conservative content and voices.

Here’s a copy of the email that Youtube sent to its API developer:

The Gateway Pundit has been reporting on this for months that far-left Youtube appears to be deleting or suppressing the number of dislikes in Biden videos.

It Appears YouTube Is Removing ‘Dislikes’ on Videos Because Biden Is Terribly Disliked

YouTube is deleting up to 650% of all downvotes on Joe Biden’s videos based on our previous report in June.

Amazing New Website Confirms YouTube Is Suppressing Dislikes on Joe Biden Videos by as Much as 600%

Youtube was caught red-handed removing dislikes from the Biden White House page during Psaki’s press briefing.

During Joe Biden’s presidential nomination acceptance speech, “Dislikes” outnumbered “Likes,” in real-time but it mysteriously dropped hours after the DNC event.

Google-YouTube Edited Likes and Dislikes on Sleepy Joe Biden’s Acceptance Speech – Eliminating Dislikes (VIDEO)

Of course, the number of dislikes for Joe Biden is exceptionally high. He can’t speak, he stole the election and his policies are anti-American. Even with YouTube’s help, Sleepy Joe is still the most horrible candidate and now president in the modern era.

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Author: Jim Hoft

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